El Buen Samaritano — Hands for Hope Campaign

Hands for Hope is El Buen Samaritano’s largest, annual community-wide event raising awareness of a serious issue in our own backyard—hunger. The event gathers donations of the traditional foods served during Thanksgiving and distributes them to underserved families in Austin for Thanksgiving celebrations in their own homes.

Campaign Goals

  • Raise awareness of hunger through non-traditional media
  • Encourage and increase faith based engagement among Episcopal schools and churches of the Austin convocation
  • Execute two email campaigns: one geared towards Episcopal schools and churches and one targeting volunteers and donors

Campaign Results

  • Provided Thanksgiving trimmings and information about El Buen’s programs to 1,025 families, serving 5,000 household members
  • Engaged more than 500 volunteers from the Episcopal schools and churches
  • Garnered $54,300 of in-kind publicity across different media outlets


  • Designed graphics for and assisted with the execution of El Buen’s turkey feather drive to raise funds for the purchase of 1,000 turkeys
  • Incorporated the following elements into the integrated marketing campaign:
    • Facts and statistics of hunger among adults and children in Austin/Travis County
    • Inspirational quotes emphasized on the spirit of giving
    • Creative fundraiser updates to engage recent and future donors, volunteers and other stakeholders

© El Buen Samaritano

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