CONTRIBUTION - I created graphics for non-traditional media and website content to promote programs, create anticipation among the organization’s participation and drive action for donations. I incorporated El Buen’s branding with I Live Here, I Give Here’s Amplify Austin’s branding to give El Buen’s brand presence while associating it with the event. In addition I managed online fundraisers, compiled social media and email marketing messaging toolkit for fundraisers; and developed content for fundraiser profiles.
2014 The goal was to raise $20,000, a 300 percent increase from the $5,000 goal in 2013. As a result, the campaign raised $25,636 from nearly 140 donors and 6 online fundraisers were recruited. 
2015 The Communications and Community Engagement Department supported the Development Department in the execution of an online campaign, shifting focus from the previous year to online fundraisers, which included volunteers, donors, board members and staff. As a result, more than $20,000 was raised with the help of 8 online fundraisers and 134 donors.
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