Band With MIOBI Star @CassieScerbo Against Bullying, #BANDWITHME

photo via BANDWITHME™

Cassie Scerbo, star from ABC’s hit series Make It Or Break It, is asking that we come together and join the fight against bullying! After coming across a disturbing video of a young man beating a woman, Cassie decided to speak out for those who needed a voice. For those who she knew needed to be heard. Since then, Cassie has dedicated time to spreading awareness through BANDWITHME™ bracelets, autographed bracelets which can be purchased online and proceeds go to BOO2BULLYING, a foundation where Cassie serves as a youth ambassador.

Check out Cassie’s story from BANDWITHME™ bracelets:

photo via cassie scerbo
photo via cassie scerbo

It then hit me, what if we could all band together by wearing charitable wristbands with meaning. This could help us all to constantly be reminded of our rights and what others are going through around the world. There is strength in numbers. If we all band together through some sort of linkage, I believe that change can be made. What better way than wristbands! I figured I could change up the causes every few months, and even give the proceeds to these foundations who need us. I decided my first batch of BANDWITHME™ bracelets would be dedicated to this very foundation I’m youth ambassador for, BOO2BULLYING. All the proceeds for this specific batch of bands will go towards the BOO2BULLYING charity, and will help raise awareness and END bullying!

Purchase your bracelets here and join Cassie as she gives voices to those who need to be heard.

If you have already purchased your band, send photos of you wearing them to Word is Cassie is about to make an amazing collage!


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