Josie Loren & Team Captains Are Heading Out To Spread The Joy of The Holiday Season!

What are you doing to give back this holiday season? I’ve got the perfect idea!

We’ve hit December and the holidays are OFFICIALLY here! It’s the season of giving and spreading joy to others, especially those who might not be as fortune to celebrate such a great holiday season, like most of us. However, we have been consistently reminded by Josie Loren that the joy of giving should not just be limited to one season, let alone one instance. The success of Keep It Kind’s Rainy Day Notes that brought sunshine to New York city has prompted Josie to team up with friends, including Make It Or Break It’s Nicole Anderson and Cassie Scerbo and close friends Jeanine Mason and Beau Mirchoff to help spread joy of the holiday season. Each will be a team leader representing a different locale! Participants are asked to send in “Merry Day Notes” to the team-leader of their choice and each team leader will choose a grand winner. Merry Day Notes will be passed out at different hospitals around the country (including Canada) depending on your team leader’s locale.

As you decorate your tree and hang up those lights…think about those who can’t be doing that this season. Brighten up their day, season and Christmas by writing them a Merry Day Note!

Check out Keep It Kind’s video below for more details and others participating in a city near you! Deadline’s December 15, so let’s start writing!


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