Revival Labs Announces Partnership with Beautifully Fit Evelyn Lozada For YouthH2O

Revival Labs has officially announced partnership with beautifully fit ‘Basketball Wife” Evelyn Lozada for YouthH2O, a press release reports earlier today. She will kick off appearances and will enter to the world of YouthH2H marketing campaigns beginning in early 2013.

YouthH2O is a new innovative product that hit the energy supplement market taking a new approach. YouthH2O is a caffeine-Free age-defying beauty & performance shot. The dietary supplement includes organic super-foods Maca, Purple Corn, Camu Camu and a large variety of vitamins and nutrients that we need to stay fit, well and beautiful. The shot increases energy, weight loss and stamina along with numerous other benefits.

“I’m such a passionate person when it comes to health, fitness and my well being. I’m honored to represent the youthH2O brand because they are innovative, care about consumers and have created a real age defying system that is not only nutritious, but will help you look younger, feel younger and give you a boost of energy.” – Evelyn Lozada

Photo via Evelyn Lozada


Her ability to spread health and fitness tips and her commitment to living a healthy and fit life, made Evelyn the right person for the job. Congrats Eve on your partnership. You are a passionate individual who continues to strive high even through it all!



Full Press Release Here.

Product available in South Flordia and online.

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