Arielle O’Keefe Releases Long Anticipated Video, ‘Creature of Habitat’

It’s been a while since Arielle has been reaching to complete the long-anticipated music video, “Creature of Habitat’. This past Thursday, Arielle held a Music Video Premiere Event at Lakewood Theater to benefit TXMPA in Dallas Texas to screen the video. She then released the video online a few days later.

Creature of Habit explores the idea of being trapped by your own habits or addictions. A true personification of what it means to ‘suffer for your sins’, we watch all of our characters deal with their own enslavement, whether it be a bird in a cage, a man on a stage, a painting in it’s frame, or an audience member who inadvertently becomes a part of the show he came to watch.


The 6 minute video (plus credits) might have just been yet another step closer to Arielle’s very bright future. Getting away from the norm where videos are focused solely on the artist, the video tells a story like no other. Big props to costume and design & the 7 deadly sins, as well. Check it out after the jump:

Download the track online for free at:

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