Another Letter: Reflecting On The Many Responses From The Inspiration of @EvelynLozada

It’s been nearly over a month since I posted a letter to Evelyn Lozada commending her on her strength and courage through the last couple of months of what many would call a rocky journey, and how her story has changed others and inspired others to grow into the strong individuals that we are all capable of being. My letter spread throughout twitter and I got responses that I hope Evelyn looked back and reflected on. They mentioned things that expressed how proud they were of her and how she has inspired them. The comments were wonderful, and the fact that it reached so many was great, but I am most thankful that it reached the person I had intended it to reach. A simple tweet could have made an impact, simply reminding you how beautiful you are and that a woman should never forget her worth, but to me, 140 characters wasn’t enough to express my response to an inspirational woman.

I often write about the inspiration that others have brought upon me—Evelyn making me a stronger woman, Taylor Armstrong doing the same and Josie Loren reminding me that a simple act of kindness can go a long way. We’ve all seen struggle, some more than others, but we have been able to pull through. Like Evelyn had tweeted a while back, sometimes it does take rock bottom to realize certain things, but all in all we must move forward. We must realize that moving forward is the best thing yet and it will make us the strongest we’ve ever been and will help others follow behind us, making them stronger individuals as well.

Evelyn has moved forward and has continued to live her life through the happiness that surrounds her with Shaniece and the millions of fans that have become her support system since day one. She’s also getting the opportunity to go to prom! Check that out here.


Evelyn, if this reaches you once again, if you have any words on inspiration that I could post for all those to read, please send it to me. We all love to hear what you have to say, especially since you have become the backbone for many that have gone through a similar struggle, or just a struggle at all. Remember, you are beautiful and should never forget our worth.



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