Josie Loren and Keep It Kind Participants Leave Mark On NYC That Will Echo For Eternity

What we do in life echoes for eternity… And Actress Josie Loren, along with the thousands of participants in a recent Pay It Forward movement, have made an impact that will most certainly not go unnoticed.

As we begin the holiday season, charities and organizations begin to coordinate their annual turkey and toy drives. But why must we wait until the holidays to give back? Why not year round? Is it because we believe that we must give a large holiday monetary donation to make an impact? We often forget that the smallest things can mean so much, and sometimes even more. A simple note can make someone’s day a whole lot better.

Josie Loren, actress and founder of Keep it Kind, has continued to Pay it Forward through Keep It Kind’s first video blog, which was posted nearly a month ago. The post asked for people around the nation to write Rainy Day notes to the people of New York to bring some sunshine to the city. The video went viral and hundreds of letters were sent in to Keep It Kind. Letters were written by kindergardeners, teenagers, young adults and more. Some had a few words, others had a few sentences but they all shared a common theme. They all had the love and affection that would bring joy to someone in NYC.

Last Thursday morning, Josie, along with a group of gals, set out to conquer New York and bring some sunshine to the city. The impact was so strong, the sunlight could be seen from anywhere!

Keep it Kind was made with the intention to make a difference, to remind us that we should all keep it kind and do what we can to give back, even if it’s as simple as wishing someone a good day. And I believe it has done just that. It has made an incredible difference, one that will definitely not go unnoticed.

We will always need the love, support and kindness of those around us in order to accomplish our highest goals and conquer our deepest fears. We’ve all had those who have helped us get through hard times and have lent out a helping hand and the greatest way a person can thank someone for doing that is to Pay It Forward and give support and love to someone who needs it.

We’re all in this together. So, today hold the door open for someone or offer some assistance to someone who needs it. It will definitely make their day! A simple “smile” can always warm the heart, as well!

Join in on Keep It Kind’s movement by visiting their blog and following them on twitter.

Check out the photos below! (Photos via Josie Loren)



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