Keeping Up With The Jonas Brothers, “Meet You In Paris” Sneak Peak

We’ve all been keeping up with the Jonas Brothers, especially Kevin and his new wifey Dani, who is an absolute sweetheart. As the show has given fans something to hold on to, they still can’t wait for their long-anticipated album. It’s been a while,three in a half years to be exact, and many can’t wait to see what they’re going to bring to the table this time around. Since splitting ways with Disney’s Hollywood Records at the beginning of the year, where they recorded and released three albums under that label,  Kevin, Nick & Joe Jonas have grown to their own and are ready to show a newer, greater side to their Jonas Brothers brand. Seventeen million albums later, the Jonas Brothers still have it in them.

Check out the sneak peak of “Meet You In Paris” that aired during an episode of Married to Jonas while the brothers were in the recording studio. It is still unsure if this song will be let out as their single, but let alone it’s a great song.


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