Aaron Carter Ready To Make Comeback, Fans Await Long-Anticipated Album

If you’re a 90s kid, related to a 90s kid or have any interaction with a 90s kid, then you remember when Aaron Carter threw the party of the year back in 2000. And we all know…no one can do it like Aaron can.

Well what we all knew as that cute little, teen heartthrob, is ready to make his comeback. It has been nearly 12 years since the release of “Aaron’s Party”, and since then he’s released some studio albums shortly after and has recently finished up performing in Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt’s The Fantasticks, an off-Broadway production. But through those 12 years, there’s been some bumps on the road, but we’re glad to see he’s been able to get back on his feet.

Since Aaron started getting his life back on track, he’s proved to be ready to return to the stage, and show everyone he hasn’t lost that beat one bit. Aaron has announced his next album, which he hoped to come out at the end of the year but the date is still up in the air, will be named The After Party, a reference to his album “Aaron’s Party” which debuted in 2000.

But, Aaron Oh Aaron, we all want to know…what should we be expecting this time around?!?

Seems like just yesterday I was at Fiesta Texas screaming my little heart out with the million other teen girls.

Let us know, what’s your favorite Aaron moment/song?

To get the latest on Aaron Carter, Follow him on twitter @AARONCARTER.


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