Giuliana Rancic Launches First Apparel Collection, Attainable & Affordable For All Fashionistas

Just weeks after Giuliana Rancic welcomed her little bundle of joy, Edward Duke, into the world, she’s officially kicked off the Fall season by launching her first clothing line with HSN. Who better than Fashion Police’s very own to launch a fashionable line? I can’t think of anyone else who would succeed in leading this season’s fashion any better than G! If you kept up with Giuliana and Bill last season, you are familiar with some of the items and the long-awaited process to launch this fab line. How could we forget that amazing ‘Ultra Luxe Jacket’?
The new mommy launched her apparel collection, G by Giuliana, this week and fashionistas and G lovers went crazy! Word on the street is that most items are sold out (What a hit it has been)! G’s collection is designed with two things in mind—that it’s affordable yet still fashionable. As stated in a recent interview she wanted to “make sure it was attainable, affordable”. Like she said, “Now a days you don’t have to spend a lot to look good”!

Well, let me tell you, she succeeded! The line is now available and affordable for so many. Ladies, we don’t have to make sacrifices as much as we used to and cry over spending so much over one item, because Giuliana has our back now!

Check out G by Giuliana here and make sure to get your Fall favorites before it’s too late.

Congrats Giuliana on your newest addition to your family and your newest Fall Collection, which I’m sure, will only be the first of many!

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