Josie Loren To Bring Sunshine to NY, Encourages Others to ‘Pay It Forward’

Last week, I  briefly took you through the journey of actress Josie Loren, whose most known for her role in ABC Family’s ‘Make It Or Break It’, and her newest mission to Keep It Kind. This week she has officially released her next challenge to Keep It Kind!

We’ve all been helped, and many of us wish we could return the favor. We must never forget that we all have a purpose and it’s a great one..And to help others is deeply rooted in that purpose. It’s time for all of us to bring some sunshine to New York City, some sunshine to those who need it the most. Check out the challenge!

We’ve all had a day where we wish someone would stand by us, a day where we were comforted by the warmth of others and didn’t have to worry if our world was crumbling down. I know how it feels and so do you! So help others feel the comfort they need to get through their troubles, or simply through their day. You will be repaid in a way that will feel so wonderful.

Join in on Josie Loren’s challenge to bring a little sunshine to New York!

To make a day, send your rainy day notes to the following address:

Meyer Management
Attn: Keep It Kind
8899 Beverly Blvd. #612
West Hollywood, CA 90048

Today, let’s all make a difference, Keep it Kind & Pay It Forward!

Congrats & best of luck on your Keep It Kind campaign, Josie!

Visit Keep It Kind. Follow them on Twitter. & Follow Josie.

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