A Letter To Evelyn Lozada, An Inspiration To So Many


In life we cherish those who have left footprints in our heart but at the same we continue to love those who have done us wrong, those who have treated us in a way that even though it was wrong, we look passed it. We continue to believe that things will get better, but sometimes they don’t. And that’s okay. But through this process we must remember that what other’s do to us, should help us grow as people in a positive way that, in the future, will make us better people than who we were yesterday. In a nutshell, we must remember to love ourselves and NEVER forget our value, because each and every one of us is beautiful and can succeed in any way that we wish as long as we work hard and believe in ourselves.

Evelyn, you must not forget your value. You are a wonderful person and far more than a ‘reality star’. You are a wonderful mother to Shaniece, who I am sure hopes she will be just as courageous and beautiful as you are! I agree that television has perceived you in a negative light. They have made you to be someone who you really aren’t; someone who, in real ‘reality’, is the opposite of who you are. Like every woman on that show, others fail to see how successful you all are. You with a successful make-up line and a book series that will rock the New York Times. But, you know what? You’ve accomplished something so much more than that. You have been THE VOICE to those who could not speak up, those who were afraid. You were the one who had the courage to make a difference and assure others that even after all you have been through, that you could move forward and continue to be the person you were before this marriage and even better. Women are looking up to you, because a lot of times a woman fails to realize what she is worth and you have realized that you deserve more than this! And through all this… you have been an inspiration to everyone.

May God Bless You & Remember…Never Forget How Beautiful You Are And What You Are Worth. We all have a purpose, and it’s a great one!

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