‘Make It or Break It’ Star Josie Loren Becomes Inspiration, Encourages Others To ‘Keep It Kind’

Many times we hope we can do more for others than we usually do, but we must not forget that the smallest things can make a big difference. A simple act of kindness such as opening the door or helping someone up can really impact a person. We’re stuck in a mind set where we believe that in order to make a difference we must be involved with saving a life or giving a monetary donation more than most of us can afford. But we must remember words sometimes impact people the most and just simply saying “Everything will be okay” will far outweight a monetary donation. Give what you can. Do what you can. There’s always something you can do, sometimes we don’t even notice the smallest things we do to contribute to society and make it a better place.

For so long, I had the similar mindset, until I started interning at El Buen Samaritano, a non-profit organization that’s committed to helping Latinos and other families live healthy, productive lives. My contribution is small, but Josie Loren assured me that just the smallest act, goes a long way. I’ve done my part, but I’m not stopping. This is now where my heart’s at, at El Buen.
Josie Loren, actress whose most recent role was a gymnast in ABC’s Make it or Break It, has always found time to lend a helping hand encouraging all of us to go that extra mile. She’s contributed to charities such as Girl Up, an organization that educates Teen Girls on how other girls live in different parts of the world allowing them to become global leaders to raise awareness, and her brother’s organization Juntos Foundation which raises awareness about heart disease. Their tagline says it all “Together For a Purpose, Juntos for a Cure”. Much like Juntos’ states, we forget that together we are so much stronger than by ourselves and can achieve so much. We should all contribute to our community in order to make a difference and speak for those without a voice!

However, it’s Josie’s latest campaign that has reeled me in the most and I can’t help but love it and spread the word. She recently launched “Keep It Kind”, a blog that reminds others that the smallest act of kindness can make a large difference. Keep It Kind’s First Challenge was to write a letter to a teacher that has left their mark on the participant’s life. Josie, as do I, believe that “They deserve to hear how much you appreciate who they are and what they mean to you.” Participants were encouraged to write a letter, short or long, and mail or email it to their teacher. Letters were also submitted for review and are being featured on her blog and on Twitter. Letters were sent and emails were received! The stories ranged in length, but all achieved the goal Josie had set. They all were thankful. They were appreciative. They were never forgotten.

And these stories made someone’s day.

Congratulations Josie on such an inspirational & successful blog and I know it is only going to grow. You’re an inspiration to so many and continue allowing others to believe they can make a difference.

Don’t forget the importance of a smile; Or the appreciation of a “Thank You”. Today, I want you to do something. Buy someone a coffee. Hold the door open for the person behind you. Help an elderly cross the street. Or you know what? Improve your attitude towards things. Say Please more, thank always, and be kind.

Visit Keep It Kind. Follow them on Twitter. & Follow Josie.

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