Basketball Wife Jennifer Williams, Reality Star To Successful Entrepreneur

In the mist of the drama of VH1’s Basketball Wives spread throughout many seasons, viewers forget that these fine ladies have more to them than just a reality show. Many are mothers and others are entrepreneurs. Many of them have struggled at various points in their lives, some are going through rough patches, and others are trying to grow as individuals. But in the end they are all hard-working being entrepreneurs in the areas of their choice and proving to VH1’s viewers that there’s more to them than a reality star, just like our very own Miss Jennifer.

Jennifer Williams launched Lucid Cosmetics in collaboration with Michael Todd Cosmetics this past summer and has proven to be quite the success. While every other line was busy refining the perfect red lip-stick this season, Jennifer took it up a notch to create a range of shades which would appeal to a multicultural audience with fine quality, while at the same time having eco-friendly packaging and benefits for your lips such as hydration and moisturizer. Jennifer originally launched a collection of five shades all named after cities: Tropez, The Hills, Sobe, Napa and Big Apple. The shades ranged from neutral tones to smooth pinks, perfect for any attire!

Recently, Jennifer let out three new shades for the year and revamped Lucid’s website. I personally LOVE the names of the new three shades—Cabo, Aspen & Capri. They are all beautiful and all represent the branding of their name wonderfully.

I send a sincere congratulation to Jennifer, a happy early birthday, and an extreme compliment towards capturing a multicultural audience that now looks to her for advice of colors to complement their skin tones making them feel comfortable in their own skin. I also commend her on wearing her own products and being able to show her viewers, fans and friends that she’s proud of what she’s accomplished.

Going out tonight? Purchase your Lucid Cosmetics—they’ll go perfect with that outfit!

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