Ballyhoo Takes The Catwalk, India de Beaufort Shows First Collection During NYFW

India de Beaufort, better known for her most recent role as India Jourdain on ABC’s Jane By Design, has been working hard the past couple of weeks in preparation for New York’s Fashion Week. The Emerge! Fashion Runway Designer showed her First Collection, Ballyhoo, last night, September 11, 2012.

As stated in a recent interview, Ballyhoo was inspired by “all things period vintage”. As a child, India spent most of her time sketching at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London where she took those textures and fabrics as the root of her design concept. Her concept was designed for those who are bold. Those who are not scared to take a jump to the creative side and be edgy. Ballyhoo is where modern meets edgy with a touch of vintage! After expressing how she was a busy bee the past couple weeks through numerous tweets of her sewing away and gathering models, India made 15 pieces to make 10 looks in a period of a month in a half.

Take a look at her collection.

The show started with some great music setting the tone as the first model entered with an above the ankle white dress with a pop yellow and red. What  caught my eye the most was the contrast between “Miss Pretty” & Edgy. The second model came out with confidence looking fierce in a short, simple, yet eye-catching black dress with a low-cut back. The bounce back and fourth between edgy and vintage was far from unnoticed and it made quite the mix. She did a fabulous job mixing two different worlds and making them compliment each other very well.

A definite WOO for BALLYHOO!

Congrats, India on your first collection. We hope to see many more.

What was your favorite look? Watch India’s “Ballyhoo” Show Below.


Follow India, @Indiadebeaufort, to see what’s next.



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