This Labor Day Weekend Sit Back, Relax & Look Back

School’s back in session and it’s already our first “holiday”. It’s Labor Day weekend and for most of us it’s time to relax after a busy first week back at school. The leaves are about to change, classes are about to get hectic and we’re already becoming overwhelmed.

We all should consider doing the following to take advantage of this time off…

Relax. Summer was the season for waking up late and laying back. This first week back to school might have ruined the cycle and might have you extremely exhausted. So, this weekend take it easy, catch up on sleep and get ready to adjust to your new sleeping schedule.

Figure out your schedule, Build some time management.  What I always like to do during this time is see what my classes will be like, where my internship and work hours fit in and when my study time will be. It will be extremely helpful when things begin to get crazy. Don’t let things get out of control this year!

Already missing your friends and family? Take a trip home. I’ve always seen Labor Day weekend as a time to go back and visit my friends and family before my schedule got too hectic to drive down. What better way to relax than with your friends and family?

New to the city? Go see what it has to offer. When I first moved to Austin, I couldn’t wait to see what the city had to offer. I immediately got out to explore its vintage shops, eateries and natural springs. Go explore now that you have some spare time!

Finish up those Summer Projects. You may now have some time to finish up those summer projects you were never able to finish. You have some spare time now, so get them out of the way before you forget they even exist.

In other words, take it easy because college is anything but calm.

Take a swim, visit a friend or have a refreshing drink.

Have a safe, fun Labor Day weekend…& Look forward to that short week next week!

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