Arielle O’Keefe: A Glimpse of Her Journey Since E!’s Opening Act

It has been nearly two months since Arielle O’Keefe took the stage to open up for British-songwriter Rod Stewart performing “Once Again” in front of a Las Vegas audience after given the opportunity through E!’s new show, Opening Act. The newest addition to reality television opened up the door for talented individuals found on YouTube to shine by opening up for some of the industry’s most profound artists such as Rod Steward, Brad Paisley, Nicki Minaj and Gym Class Heroes. After the 21-year-old Texas Native took on Caesar’s Palace, she has been determined to step up her music game and show America what she’s got.

With an incredible support system of family and friends, Arielle has continued making appearances around the Dallas area and coming September, we’ll see her up in California. As viewers wondered what would be next for Arielle, it wouldn’t take them long to realize she wasn’t sitting around for someone to ask for a gig. Since early July, her fans have seen live video performances, amazing covers, and a brand new track. The Dallas area has heard her live on radio, seen performances and an appearance on Good Morning Texas.

Here are just a few highlights of Arielle’s journey since Opening Act:

  • NBC Dallas Appearance, July 9, 2012
  • Heart Cover of “Alone”, July 2012
  • Performance at Curtain Call, Dallas, TX, August 2012
  • Journey of a 2nd Music Video, “Creature of Habit”, July- August 2012
  • Radio appearance in Dallas on KNTU FM 88.1, August 2012

However, let’s not forget that music wasn’t anything foreign to Arielle before her national debut on Opening Act.  She’s been involved in music nearly her whole life, and has been focusing on her career for the past two to three years, as stated in her recent “Creature of Habit” promo. She has countless amounts of shows under her belt, an amazing first video and several covers.

Please continue to support a fellow Texan of mine through the support of donations, YouTube views, music downloads, and concert viewings. Here are some upcoming shows to look forward to.

  • Opening for band “Smile Smile”, AT&T Performing Arts Center, Sept 27th, Patio Sessions
  • Universal City Walk, California, August 27th at 7:30pm
  • Live Online Show, September 12

As this Dallas based singer & songwriter continues her dream, follow her on twitter, like her on facebook, and visit her sound-cloud for oldies and new music coming your way.

Check out one of Arielle’s music videos below.

Congrats Arielle!

2 thoughts on “Arielle O’Keefe: A Glimpse of Her Journey Since E!’s Opening Act

  1. I watch the open act with you on a delta flight back to uk from Atlanta and i am wery impress`t with your determination and you are so talented and you will go all the way just give it time and it will come to you just keep working on it . your family is great support . Good luck and i am looking forward to hear more brilliant music from you.

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