Study Abroad Traveling Tips: A Few Things We Don’t Realize

Before I left abroad, I wanted to pack up my whole closet and take an unnecessary amount of shoes. I soon found out that I used about two pairs of shoes the most and went to H & M more times than I should have. I could have have definitely left some clothes behind, packed less shoes and less accessories, and packed more things I couldn’t buy in Europe, such as a variety of beauty products.

What should I have taken more of and what should I have left behind?

  • Extra Bottle/bar of face wash: If you have sensitive skin like myself, you need to make sure you take an adequate amount of facial wash, especially in the summer. I took only one bar of Neutrogena and found myself needing to buy another one half way through my trip. Though France has Neutrogena products, they lack some of the acne medication found in US Neutrogena products. My skin got a quick reaction and broke out. It’s been almost a year and my scarring is just about gone! So this should definitely be the first thing you consider! Let me save you the stress of breaking out! (This is the last thing a girl needs)
  • Take enough body wash, Shampoo, and Body Lotion: Same goes for these products, especially body lotion. The ingredients found in these are different than the one’s our skin is used to. Let this just be a fair warning to take all beauty products you usually use in a daily basis and a great amount too!
  • Less shoes, two or three comfortable ones will do: While abroad you’re going to realize that you will do more walking than you would have ever imagined! You don’t need to take ten pairs of heels and sandals. You need something cute and comfortable. I wore two pair of flats the most. They were of numeral tones so they were able to go with everything! Take a couple of pairs you know will match most of the things you wear and there should be no problem!

Extras to consider before leaving and while abroad:

  • Phone usage abroad is too expensive, Skype works, but Google Voice is the way to go: Skype is usually the first platform that comes to mind, but you still have to pay a few to contact your loved ones back in the states. I heard of Google Voice before leaving, but forgot to set up an account. If you set up an account before, your location will be saved as the US, and you will be able to call back to the states for FREE. So set up your Google Voice accounts now!
  • Credit Cards & Cash: Keep in mind that every time you swipe your card internationally you are charged a few bucks! In order to save some dollars, I would take out the maximum amount of cash  I could withdraw from an ATM. I would still be charged, but it would be only a one time fee!

These are just a few tips I encourage everyone to think about! There are so many other things to consider before leaving abroad, but there’s always those few things that always slip our minds.

What are your study abroad tips? I would love to hear them!

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