Girl With The Dragon tattoo…I Mean, Girl With the DRAKE tattoo.

Before Drake’s November release date of his second album Take Care, he put out numerous songs to give his fans a glimpse of what was coming. His lyrics have always caught the female heart and had males relating to his situations through  his heart-throbing words, but when Drake released “Free Spirit” featuring Rick Ross, I’m sure he wasn’t prepared for his fan’s reactions towards the song. The song’s catchy tone and lyrical base tells it how it is. Drake is basically telling his girl to tat his name on herself, so he knows it’s real, and so, when he’s away, he will be there in spirit. Though many have tatted Drake or Free Spirit on their body, one fan took it to the extreme and tatted DRAKE across her forehead.This girl must have been a real free spirit or madly in love with Drake– or what some claim, terribly high.


With such a large fan base, it’s hard to get an artist’s attention, especially Drake. It’s nothing new. Fans have gone to extremes to get attention in the media knowing it will eventually get  to the artist. The photo of the girl’s tatted forehead was all over the place. It surfaced all over social media sites and blogs, and boy did it get attention. But in this case, it’s hard to understand if the fan’s intention was to even get Drake’s attention or the tattoo was just a result of the condition she was in. Tattoo artist, Kevin Campbell, had commented he didn’t even know who Drake was, he had figured it was some “gang sh*t” from the hood. He also mentioned how she seemed to be under the influence and was pretty sure this was what she wanted to do. He also had a funny ending remark saying, “I guess I feel bad that this dumbass got the name of the softest motherf*cker in hip-hop tattooed on her forehead.”

So…What’s Drake saying about this?

Well, like we all know, the news got to drake. In most cases, people would be overly flattered that another person got their name tatted on them, but cursing at a tattoo artist on a public interview was not exactly the reaction people thought he would have. Check out what he had to say.

So, who’s to blame? Well, honestly, no one’s pointing fingers. But artists should keep in mind and be careful what they rap, about obviously. But then again, they shouldn’t have to be worrying that their fans will be so ignorant and do such a thing. And, tattoo artist, you shouldn’t tattoo things on people’s foreheads if you know they’re high or drunk or in no condition to make life-long decisions.

Dear girl with the drake tattoo,congratulations you got media coverage but now you have a large tattoo of the best rapper in the era and your eyebrows are going to take forever to grow back.

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