Two PR Groups Introduce Media Kits For Upcoming Businesses

On Monday two PR student groups presented media kits for two upcoming businesses in the  Austin area, and they did great! They both presented their kits professionally and with much creativity.

The first group represented Mango Cup. Mango Cup is to be a new frozen yogurt joint located along Lake Austin. They did a great job at executing their information and important facts on how their frozen yogurt was nutritious and topped all other fro-yo joints. Most importantly was the creativity that was put into the media kit-which I loved. It was a large tea cup that had the media-kit folder with all the information in plain text and three artificial mangoes. The artificial mangoes were the most creative. They cut them in half and were held together by a toothpick. Inside each mango you found different facts about the business, nutrition, flavors and more! It was a great presentation.

The second group represented Chic Shades and introduced their new line of Sustainable Shades.  They had great ideas and I loved the fact that they were reused, recycled and going green type-of-shades! They had great ideas and executed them very well. Their engagement with the audience was also great.What I loved most about this presentation was the creativity and effort that was put into their website. It was professionally done with great facts, pictures and an awesome layout. Their logo was also one of my favorites. It featured a cute little penguin wearing some “sustainable shades”.

Great job, PR students!

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