CTBA Who? Oh Yes, The Capitol of Texas Beautification Association

This is CTBA’s logo. It’s a flower that was created to represent our motto “Peace, Love and Plants.”

For our final project in our Public Relations course, we were assigned to do a media kit for a fictitious organization. Myself, along with my group members,  Jane Marie and Caroline, developed information for a non-profit organization called Capitol of Texas beautification Association (CTBA). here’s some quick facts about our organization:

  • CTBA’s mission is to enhance community gardening and greening across central Texas by building community, promoting the growth of organic crops, discouraging pesticides, improving people’s quality of life and beautifying neighborhoods.
  • We are a non-profit organization of professionals, volunteers and supporters of community greening, gardening, well-being and beautification.
  • Founded by three college students.
  • Our neighborhood gardens grow 100% organic and natural fresh produce. Flowers and plants are grown as well.
  • Located inside the at Zilker Botanical Gardens Visitor Center at 220 Barton Springs Road.  Amenities provided at our Zilker Park community garden site include an irrigation system, community gathering area, a warm chimenea for cold nights, and a tool shed with gardening equipment.

Our presentation went smoothly. However there are some things we would add in the future such as social media sites and a better plan on how the gardening will actually be organized such as which crops will be grown where, when can people come pick them, and how many plots will be available.

*Shout out to Via! The other group that presented did extremely well and the products seems amazing!

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