It’s “Friday” and I Still Think Bad Publicity Is Better Than No Publicity At All

Video gotten off of YouTube from trizzy66

ARK is a record label that brings about young aspiring artists as the singers, or their parents, pay a couple thousand dollars to have themselves recorded. I guess that says something. It seems that any person that walks through the door can automatically record a single as long as they pay, where in some cases its the other way around. Well, earlier this year Rebecca Black gained widespread  attention through ARK Music Factory as they let out her single “Friday”.

Brian Ambrozy from the Urban Way gives us a quick summary about “Friday”:

Rebecca’s parents paid $2000 for some kind of video pop star package from a small, hitherto-unknown entertainment producer called Ark Music Factory. They supply the pre-written songs, the video shoot, the production, and they upload it to YouTube and other sites for you. It’s a vanity gift for people whose parents probably have a lot more money than your average internet marketing whiz. Their name is appropriate; they are quite literally a factory, churning out manufactured, heavily auto-tuned pop starlets with a templated music video, look, and sound format. Just add rapper for instant street cred.

The single is mainly about “Friday” and how everyone is looking forward to the weekend. She also mentions that after Friday comes Saturday then Sunday, which probably makes the song sound more stupid-not to mention the wannabe Usher that comes out for a couple of seconds mid-video. This is where becoming famous because of bad publicity comes in. Rebecca had millions and millions of views, however, her single “Friday” is currently YouTube’s most disliked video. This video is just bad, very, very bad. I think some people often wonder if it was meant to be so bad for a reason, reason being to get publicity. Most times bad publicity is more talked about then good publicity, in this case a bad song is heard about more than a good song.Rebecca Black has to be one of the most talked about internet sensations that has ever hit YouTube.

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