Does PR Plus Social Media Equal Success?

After getting more involved in Twitter and listening to numerous lectures on social media in my PR class, I am convinced that social media can be extremely valuable and useful in the PR world if it’s used correctly, of course. If there’s one thing that stuck in my head was that just because social media seems to be such a trend right now, doesn’t necessarily mean you need it. A company does not NEED a twitter or facebook or any other form of social media. You must have a purpose for it and have a plan of how you are going to execute it, how it’s going to help enhance your company or brand.

One important thing to always remember that I learned throughout my PR class is that social media is not a strategy, its a tool; it’s part of a tactic. Don’t assume that just getting a twitter is going to solve all your problems. It’s not a strategy, its something part of it that is going to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Make you you have your tactics and plans down before even thinking of creating a social media site or account.

For example, social media sites such as Twitter, can simply be used to spread awareness for an old brand, new brand, or upcoming brand. It can also be used to clarify certain information or certain rumors going around. Most importantly it’s a way for a company, brand, icon, political figure, or celebrity to communicate and build relationships with consumers and fans in a way that could never be done before.

One thought on “Does PR Plus Social Media Equal Success?

  1. I found a lot of the same information interesting in this class. I never put much thought into how important social media truly is until taking this class. I always saw social media as something only kids have and even thought about deleting my Facebook after I graduate from college so I could really feel like I have grown up. However keeping your social media pages active is a great way to stay connect voice your opinions and learn new things about popular brands and companies today!

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