Having Trouble Thinking Of What To Post On Twitter? Well, Let’s Start Off With What Not To Post!

Catharine Smith of the Huffington Post has given 11 things you should never post on twitter. She believes that, thought it can be tempting to update Twitter with personal information and every detail of your life, you have to take pre-cautions since twitter is monitored so much by the public.

Smith states you should never post things that deal with…

1. Confessionals, office Gossip: You shouldn’t tweet about problems with other employees, your boss or product information. Most times this may lead to in-office problems that may not result in good things.

2. Intimate Personal Information: By putting personal information up on twitter you risks things such as identity theft and and phishing schemes.

3. Exact Locations: Twitter’s location tool could potentially be used by stalkers to track someone’s location.

4.Vacation Timeframes: This could be dangerous as burglers use this information to plot home invasions.

5. Daily Routines: Tweeting about daily routines can attract stalkers.

6. Your Kids’ Names and Routines

7. High Risk Activities: Insurance companies have been known to check Twitter when investigating compensation claims and sometimes may look at social media when assessing a customer’s risks.

8. Personal Attacks on Other People

9. Geotagged Photos: It becomes risky when you tweet photos with geotagged locations. Make sure your phones don’t automatically share geolocation data.

10. Racy or Inappropriate Photos

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