Rich Product’s Communication Specialist, Jessica Mannocchio, Gives Us a Peak Into The PR Corporate World

Last week, Jessica Mannocchio dropped into our PR class to educate us a little more on the corporate PR world. She’s a PR professional working as a Corporate Communication Specialist in Buffalo, NY for Rich Products, a privately held food products corporation. While talking about her career and transition into the corporate world, she pointed out several helpful tips as we venture out in the future.

1. Important to Stay Active Fresh Out of College: Jessica had some difficulties finding a job out of college, but she knew it was important for her to stay active no matter what she was going to pursue. She ended up getting an internship at Fisher Price that paved the road for her future!

2. Internship, Internship, Internship! Like any other PR professional, she highly encouraged we should get internships while in school. Even if you end up getting an internship which isn’t ideal, a really good business still looks good on a resume.

3. If you can, take an intro to Finance class: Being a PR major, one might not think that a Finance class will be helpful. Jessica mentions that it can indeed be helpful, you never know when you might need it, just as she found out in her job!

4. Writing Class Recommendations: Jessica recommended we take writing classes such as an editing class and news writing class.

5.Community Involvement Stands out on a Resume: Other than internships, Jessica mentioned that community involvement sticks out the most. It is a way for you to show you are well-rounded, can multitask,  and that you care about your work and where you live.

I chose these top tips because I felt as aspiring PR students, they will help us the most! Jessica also spoke about her day-to day duties at Rich Products, crisis communication, social media and PR, and other PR strategies.


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