Fresh Beans To Take Over University Campuses In “Green” Cities

The Situation

  • A new local organic coffee company, Fresh Beans, has contacted your PR firm to produce a 3 month campaign aimed at college students in Austin, TX. After consulting market research, Fresh Beans sees an opportunity to move into the college market to increase sales, specifically in a “green” city. Using the 8 points, create a basic PR plan for Fresh Beans. You only need to establish one objective and as many strategies and tactics you like to achieve your goal. You do not have any money for an advertising budget.


  • Incease sales by 5% over the next year through the awareness of how Fresh Beans coffee can be useful for a college student throughout the semester’s toughest months.


  • The target audience would be undergraduate  college students from the ages of 18-25 living in a “green” city that need help staying up late during the week due to tests, projects and assignments or students that need to stay awake and calm during morning classes.


  • “Re-Energize Your Life” Strategy: Three Pronged Media approach to reach university student consumers.


  • Media approaches will include university/college television station, print throughout the university/college, and radio station most commonly heard in the area by college students.
  • Social networks such as twitter and facebook that are big in a college student’s life.
  • Teaming up with Amy’s Ice Cream to feature Fresh Beans coffee flavored ice cream and/or coffee being served.
  • The strategy will be used in one of the top green U.S cities with the largest population of university students.


  • A three month long campaign during the months of March, April and May.
  • Months during mid-terms; Before and during finals.


  • Everything will be accomplished through donations and volunteer efforts/time.
  • University student involvement for word-of-mouth awareness.


  • Find enough donations and volunteer efforts to complete strategies and tactics.
  • Raise awareness of how FreshBean coffee can be useful to a college students life during the most stressful time in the semester in order to increase sales by 5%.

2 thoughts on “Fresh Beans To Take Over University Campuses In “Green” Cities

  1. Great plan! Simple and to the point. I like the tag line you are using (“Re-Energize Your Life”). Seems realistic and successful. Teaming up with Amy’s Ice Cream sounds like an awesome idea–I didn’t even think of teaming up!

    P.S. Your Title is more creative than mine! 🙂

  2. VERY creative slogan “Re-energize your life”! Your objectives and overall strategy is focused and clear. I love the idea of teaming up with Amy’s ice cream and offering coffee flavored ice creams. I also think that it was very smart of you to do this campaign during a time when students will be staying up late studying! Great ideas!

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