Members of The PR Channel broaden the horizon for future PR Professionals

Members of the PR Channel, LuAnn Glowacz and Christine Cox, spoke to my Public Relations class on Wednesday about their communication backgrounds and healthy tips to better prepare us for the PR world. I complied a list of some tips and suggestions that LuAnn and Christine suggested which  I believe will be very helpful in the future.

1. Social Media is not a strategy.  Many people believe that using Twitter, Facebook, ext., is a strategy for PR. However, LuAnn explained that it is not a strategy, its a tool and should be used as part of a tactic. It must be part of a strategy that has been well thought out and used correctly and professionally.

2. Don’t blog about what you know, blog about what you want to know. Many students blog about what they know about the PR world, but really what can you possibly know without that much experience? LuAnn and Christine made it clear to blog about things you want to know about the PR world, so you won’t turn away any readers and professionals. No one cares to hear what “Mr./Ms. Know It All” has to say.

3.  Power of Comments. Comment on blogs and read the comments people leave you.  People will value your opinion and listen if you comment correctly, well-mannered, and have something valuable and interesting to say. Also, read suggestions and comments people have to say to you; It will only benefit you in many ways.

4. Make sure to check Grammar and Sentence Structure. LuAnn and Christina made it clear that being good writer and have good grammar and sentence structure in the PR world is very important. Proof read your work every time and get others to go over it too. Others may catch mistakes you would have never noticed.

5. Put yourself in the reader’s/company’s shoes. Whether you are writing a blog, legal form, press release, ext., always put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Is this what they want to read? Is this what they want to know? Don’t always assume that something you have to say is correct or is always interesting to someone else. Also, when dealing with a company, or working with them too, put yourself if their shoes. LuAnn said how if there’s a problem, be part of the solution, not the problem. Help them solve the problem.

2 thoughts on “Members of The PR Channel broaden the horizon for future PR Professionals

  1. Wow Issa, you sure took a lot of notes! I liked their advice on networking and meeting new people. When one of the speakers talked about this one girl she met and she really liked her…then that girl ended up getting a job because one of the speaker was talking about her. That made me really want to get myself out there and be known.

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