If you have nothing nice to say, use Twitter?

After reading past articles and such, I’ve noticed that in order to be heard, whether you’re saying something good or bad, people are resorting to Twitter. If you want to bash some famous celebrity on their latest action, you tweet your comment and tag them in it. It’s that easy. If you didn’t like McDonald’s’ new burger, you tweet about it. For example, earlier today I tweeted to Sony Electronics how their customer service sucked today and that me calling the past couple of days was an inconvenience. I shouldn’t have to call three days straight, several times a day, in order to get my laptop fan replaced, especially if its on recall.  Or, perhaps, sometimes you’ll tweet about the good stuff, but it seems like the controversial comments catch more attention.

I read an article from PR Daily yesterday about how one person tweeted to fashion brand Wet Seal to point out an error in a tunic that said “If your single, so am I”. Oh, the power of Twitter. One tweet seemed to stir up the pot and got everyone’s attention. The whole controversy was surrounded on whether or not the error was intentional. First of all, why would that be intentional? Is Wet Seal intentionally promoting stupid language and downgrading our grammar?

Wet Seal responded by basically saying that “being a bad speller was just another way to look cute and flirty”. I’m sorry, Wet Seal, but as a young Wet Seal shopper, I am not buying a shirt to say “Hey, I cant spell, therefore, I’m cute and flirty”. Plus, some guys have told me they like their girls smart now-a-days. So, Wet Seal, get with it!  Oh, the power of social media has stirred up the pot once again and because of social media  the public has found a way to express themselves. People have expressed themselves through Twitter, Facebook, ext., to be heard and to make an impact rather than just protesting on the corner of a local business. Since one Wet Seal Shopper pointed out the error on Twitter, the whole world now knows that Wet Seal does not know how to spell properly.

P.S. Do you have something good or bad to say? Use Social Media and take advantage of being heard. Be somebody. However, use it professionally too. Don’t start blurring out foul language and unnecessary controversy….Actually have a purpose to what you’re doing.  If anything, I believe that expressing your feelings about a place, product, ext. is good for a company to know-it makes them strive for better things. Don’t you think?

Issa Galvan

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I believe my current blog post deals with PR and my perspective on how others use social media as promoting  or demeaning a product, brand, ext. (Word of mouth)

2 thoughts on “If you have nothing nice to say, use Twitter?

  1. Issa,
    You chose a great topic to blog about and I can tell it’s something that you are very interested in. I would suggest for your next blog to double check your sentence structure and grammar. Ironically, that was the point of your article, but you wrote in a voice that was a little too informal for class. Read your post out loud and that may help you to find a balance in your blogging voice.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. i definitely believe social media is a good way for companies to see what their costumers think about their products and services, and is a great tool for them to see what they should improve upon, or what what good things they are doing.

    It also gives people a chance to be a sort of published critic, in that their critique of whatever business reaches a large audience.
    In a way, the people who make this posts are more credible because they aren’t some official critic, and are just like everyone else and have similar interests.

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