PR Major? Join PRSSA & Make Your Resume Shine!

PRSSA, or the Public Relations Student Society of America, is a way for PR majors to venture out to the PR business world and learn PR things outside of the classroom.  It’s basically a student organization that developed from PRSA. I’m currently on my second year of being part of the St. Edward’s Chapter. However, this year I’m on the E-board as Event Coordinator and not only do I take charge of events that PRSSA throws, but also I am currently helping recruit members for the Spring Semester!

PRSSA is a great way to not only explore the PR world, but also will help you after graduation. Plus, it looks extremely well on a resume-I’ve been told. As a PRSSA member, you have access to many opportunities in and outside of the PR business world. It’s a really fun organization that gives members and officers the chance to attend National Assemblies and conferences, where you meet new friends that have similar interests and are most probably PR majors! Throughout the year we also offer different workshops such as how to write a press release (which can submitted to come out on the national PRSSA website and be perfect for portfolios), how to use twitter as a PR tool and many more! May i also say that we have numerous guest speakers and activities that everyone will benefit from!

We encourage all PR majors to join but, of course, we accept all majors! There are dues due every year of $70, $50 which goes nationally and $20 are local dues. Please, Please, don’t let the dues scare you! I promise it will all be worth it. Come by to our first meeting of the Spring semester on Monday January 31st at 8 pm in Bain (RAGS). Hope to see you every PR major’s smiling face there!

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